Why Recycle

Waste water recycling provides enormous environmental benefits and greatly minimizes generator liabilities pursuant to RCRA and Superfund. Globalcycle is the only commercially permitted waste water treatment and recycling facility in New England that accepts non-hazardous industrial waste waters for treatment and subsequently ships the reclaimed water off-site for reuse. All of the other New England wastewater treatment facilities treat and then discharge to a sewer treatment facility (POTW) or directly to a waterway. The potential negative impacts to discharging to a POTW are as follows:

  • Most of our sewer pipeline infrastructure is over 75 years old and leak effluent into the soil and aquifers

  • Treated effluent still contains toxic compounds that are ultimately discharged to our waterways 

Below are some of the environmental benefits of the recycling of water:

  • Recycling wastewater can decrease the discharge of effluents that may damage and pollute the ecosystems and marine life in bodies of water.

  • Recycling significantly reduces the generators liabilities under Superfund. Globalcycle’s and reuse facility is a waste to energy facility, which utilizes Globalcycle’s reclaimed water in their air quality control system, to cool gases or control dust. Once sprayed into the stack or ash trays, the water is ultimately vaporized, emitting water vapor back into the atmosphere, thus starting the rain cycle all over again

  • Recycling waste water preserves our aquifer for its intended purpose; drinking water. Globalcycle’s end use facility utilizes our reclaimed water instead of withdrawing water from on-site wells

  • Waste water recycling meets many Corporate environmental policy mandates to utilize sustainable solutions and recycle, whenever possible