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Why Recycle

Wastewater recycling provides enormous environmental benefits and greatly minimizes generator liabilities pursuant to RCRA and CERCLA (e.g. Superfund). Global Cycle is the only commercial wastewater treatment plant in New England that accepts industrial wastewaters for treatment and subsequently ships off-site for reuse. All of the other New England waste water treatment facilities treat and then discharge to a POTW or directly to a waterway (even though these facilities may meet their discharge parameters, there are still pollutants in this effluent).

Recycling significantly reduces the generators liabilities under EPA CERCLA (Superfund). Global Cycle’s reclaimed wastewater is transported off-site to Covanta’s “trash-to-energy” facility located in Rochester, MA. Covanta utilizes Global Cycle’s reclaimed water as “make-up water” in their emission control scrubber. This reclaimed water is sprayed into Covanta’s emission stack to keep their emissions cool and as a result, this water spray actually gets vaporized, emitting water vapor back into the atmosphere starting the rain cycle all over again.

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As a leading provider of zero waste to landfill and assured destruction services, Covanta’s Sustainable Solutions team has the expertise and know-how to find Sustainable Solutions for materials your company no longer requires. For more information, please visit our website and click on the “Sustainable Solutions” link.

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